Stratton Capital provides investment advisory and wealth management services to individuals and family offices.

We are dedicated to building, preserving and managing the wealth of our clients through globally diversified investment portfolios. Our investment style focuses on asset allocation to drive investment results.

Client accounts are maintained at Charles Schwab, one the largest and most reliable investment platforms in the world.

Stratton Capital is a Registered Investment Adviser in the United States.

We work with each client to create the right investment strategy to achieve individual goals. Our commitment to clients and focus on long term investment results is the bedrock of everything we do.

Investment Process

  1. 1 Investment Strategy

    In connection with the client, we determine what are the specific investment objectives, time horizon, and risk profile.

  2. 2 Asset Allocation

    Based on long-term capital markets assumptions, we determine what is the most appropriate asset allocation to achieve the client’s objectives.

  3. 3 Portfolio Construction

    The next step is to select specific instruments to achieve the desired exposure in each asset class. We may use stocks and bonds, mutual funds, or ETFs.

  4. 4 Tactical Adjustments

    We focus on the long-term focused but, when appropriate, we make tactical adjustments in response to changing market conditions or specific opportunities.

  5. 5 Monitoring & Rebalancing

    We monitor, rebalance, and evaluate the portfolio continuously. We may also adjust the strategy to changes in the client’s objectives or circumstances.

Charles Schwab

Stratton is part of the Schwab Advisor Platform, the industry leader and the world’s largest custodian of Registered Investment Advisors.

Through Schwab, we offer our clients state-of-the-art technology and access to a broad range of investment products.

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